L-Nano 1 (Root Growth Formula)

MYR 38


Lazuriton Nano 1 (L-Nano 1) is a nano organic compound fertilizer. Nano fertilizers are the new generation, easy application and absorption fertilizer, in reducing labour, easy storage, enhances crops to grow faster, shortens the plant recovery period and others.

Organic Matter41%
Total Nitrogen11%
Total Phosphorus10%
Total Potassium17%
Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide2%

*Recommended for Traditional Farming and Plant Factory use

How it Works

As fertilizer in a nano-scale molecules are absorbed quickly by plants, it will create a light nano protective layer on the surface of the leaf to prevent pest infection.


L-Nano 1 fertilizer facilitates plant absorption and shortens the production period. Whilst doing so, it can also prevent pesticide illness as it can help reduce the pesticide usage. Reduces soil acidification caused by chemical fertilizers which would promote root uptake as it enhances the foliar fertilization.


Spray onto plants once every 7 to 14 days. For small trees, spray or drench 3 litres per tree.

ProductTarget InsectDilution rateTechnical info
L-Nano 1For all plants in root growth stage.Mix 100g L-Nano 1 (one packet) into 80 to 100 litres waterRoot growth formula.