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Our specialized fertilizers have helped farmers improve on yield and crop quality for the last 30 years.


Starts at MYR 228

BioComBat No. 1

Starts at MYR 40

BioComBat No. 1 Plus

Starts at MYR 40

BioComBat No. 2

Starts at MYR 40

Improve crop yield

High quality natural organic fertilizers and bio pesticides to help you produce higher organic & natural yields like never before.

Improve soil

Over utilized soil can be revived. Crops can contain more nutrients. Help plants overcome drought stress.

Improve crop quality

Produce animal meat that are tastier, healthier and contain an abundance of Omega 3.

How we can help you

We supply natural, organic and chemical agricultural inputs - fertilizers, bio pesticides, bio stimulants, soil amendments, multi minerals and animal nutrients.

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