MYR 175


EXCELERITE has a broad spectrum of bio-available minerals and trace elements that are absolutely necessary for the well-being of beneficial soil microorganisms.

How it Works

EXCELERITE’S primary function is to remineralize and stimulate microorganism propagation. It mimics the natural mineral replacement processes that are deficient in many places in the world due to erosion and many years of over-farming.

It can also be used to balance the soil pH 6.7 to 7.3.


EXCELERITE is a 100% natural product without fillers or additives.

Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-1.16

Soluble Potash (K20)1.16%
Calcium (Ca)1.95%
Magnesium (Mg)0.8%
Cobalt (Co)0.0005%
Chorine (CI)0.77%
Iron (Fe)1.2%
Sodium (Na)0.55%

Derived from Montmorillorite Clay.

Directions for use

Flowers & Vegetable Gardens

For garden vegetables of finest quality and flowers of outstanding beauty, 500g of EXCELERITE to every 4 square meters of soil will prove most effective (Same as lawns). Work EXCELERITE into the topsoil and water directly, sufficiently to saturate completely.

House Plants

Add between one heaping teaspoon to two full tablespoons of EXCELERITE depending on pot and plant size; mix carefully with potting soil. Apply water same day in a normal amount.


500g of EXCELERITE to every 4 square meters of lawn. Newly seeded lawns--apply to topsoil and rake in well over the entire surface. Old lawns--apply EXCELERITE evenly, and sprinkle gently with water immediately after application to prevent wind dispersion.

Shrubs, Hedges & Bushes

Apply 30g of EXCELERITE to every 2.5 square feet of topsoil, mix-in thoroughly as soon as possible.


First-time application, or if sickly 25kg of EXCELERITE for each large or older tree is recommended. 10 to 12.5 kg. is usually sufficient for young trees. Apply in a circle trench 2-3´ wide, at least 3” deep centered at the drip line of branches, and thoroughly mix with soil for best results. Water as usual. For healthy trees, the subsequent application reduces the quantity by 50% for the next two years, then apply this reduced amount only every other year thereafter, or less according to the observed results in your particular soil.

Large Acreage / Farms

500 kg. per acre, if applied dry. EXCELERITE may also be liquefied prior to application for more rapid results.