ExCel PoWer-100

MYR 40
MYR 69
MYR 128


ExCel Power 100 is a power and quality enhancer. It is specially designed to improve performance, aid penetration and wetting when used with insecticides, fungicides fertilizers, nutrients and herbicides. It also serves as a carrier to deliver actives to plants, pests, and fungi.

How it Works

Excel Power-100 helps penetrate the leaf surface. Chemicals will enter the foliage through 2 possible paths ie. The Lipophilic and the Aqueous pathways.

Excel Power-100 helps carry oil-soluble chemicals into the leaf via the lipophilic pathway.

Excel Power-100 helps water and water-soluble chemicals penetrate into the gaps between the waxy platelets/cells on leaves.


  • Provide superior spray coverage
  • Increase spray droplets drying time
  • Prevent chemical degradation
  • Prevent the formation of insoluble complexes and cuticular penetration
  • Decreases spray volume required for pesticide application
  • Allow for better targeting and increase pesticide up-take


  • Modified polysiloxan
  • Trisiloxan non-ion surfactant
  • Stabilizing agent & Humicants (hygroscopic agent)


Excel Power-100 is applicable to all crops. The application rate is 1 to 3 liters per Ha.