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AMINOSAGRA Is a complex programmed amino acid animal feed compound.

How it Works

Amino acids are the building blocks the body uses to make proteins. AMINOSAGRA acts progressively and, therefore, the great nutritional increase it provides allows for the maintenance, fattening and improving livestock without producing fatigue in lactating mothers and improving meat production and processing with more vitamins and proteins and less cholesterol and fats in meat, milk, and eggs, among many other benefits. It can establish a constant, long-lasting and progressive nutritional action in animals.


  • Improves animal health
  • Reduces feeding costs
  • Helps in animal digestion and health problems
  • Fewer problems of pneumonia or viral diarrhea
  • Increases the efficacy of antibiotics
  • Increases growth rate
  • Better quality and meat texture
  • Increases milk production and higher fat content
  • Reduction of cholesterol in animal meat, milk, and eggs
  • Produces Omega 3 in eggs, milk, and meat


  • Amino acids
  • L-Threonine 20g/l
  • L-Tryptophan 20g/l
  • L-Valine 20g/l
  • L-Lysine 20g/l.


To FeedDirections
Layer birds (chicken, duck etc.)1 bottle into drinking water for 10,000 birds.
Once a week.
Broiler / Meat birds (chicken, duck etc.)7ml into 200 litres water.
Once a week.
Piglets and lambsDilute 2ml into 20 litres water, then give 14ml of this solution per animal per week.
Sheep / GoatDrinking water - 7ml for 20-25 sheep/goat - weekly
Feed - mix 1 capful (10ml) in 600 kg feed.
Dairy CattleOral or injection - 20ml per cattle per month
Salt - 1.5 ml in 1kg of salt
Feed – 10ml into 600kg feed
Fish40ml to 100 ml per ha. pond every month.
Or 1 ml in 70 kg of food pellets per month.